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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 1

Author’s Note: This is NOT a spoiler. It is what I would like the opening episode of Teen Wolf (S2) to be, whenever it comes back, in 2012.

[Previously on Teen Wolf] A brief synopsis of last season, that touches important moments like – Scott is turned, Stiles becomes Scott’s go to guy for werewolf problems, Derek and his scowl and his house, Scott dates Allison, Stiles loves Lydia, Jackson plays lacrosse & finds Scott’s secret and wants to become a Were, an image of Danny the Gay goalie/ hacker, Allison finds her family is hunters & Scott is a werewolf, Aunt Kate is killed by Peter, Peter is killed by Derek and Derek proclaims “Now, I am the Alpha!”
Badass Alison Argent

[Cut to: Now] A creature, Werewolf obviously, is leaping across rooftops with an alarming speed. On the ground, keeping in sync with him is Allison, loading her bow and firing at him at equally alarming speeds. Dad Huntsman is on the nearby roof with his sniper rifle, patiently waiting for Allison to distract the creature enough, slow it down a bit, to take it out. One of Allison’s “bomb” arrows hits a target directly behind the wolf. The wolf startles, and pauses only a second, before continuing his leaping – but Dad is ready. However, before his rifle can fire, an arrow flies and nicks the wolf on the arm (yes, Allison’s that good). He falls to Allison’s feet with a loud roar. Allison, rushes towards him and binds him, before he can react, tightly winding his body in some kind of chain. As the creature lies at her feet, roaring and crying, struggling to free himself, Allison’s on her knees, her face precariously close to the mouth of someone who can bite her throat off. The creature roars, but Allison, stupidly, leans closer and kisses him. The wolf slowly changes back to Scott, who smiles at her. They weren’t trying to kill each other, they were training.

Stiles is worried about Scott, as usual
[The next morning] Stiles drives Scott to school, as usual. He’s pissed that (a) Scott missed their date, at the hospital, to visit Lydia and (b) spent that time trying to teach his girlfriend how to kill him. Scott makes some lame-ass comment about how Allison should be prepared, “because the others are coming.” (Is that the new arc?) Stiles shuts up but is still concerned.

At school, they run into (1) Allison, to whom Scott remarks “last night was great” or something of the sort, (2) Jackson, who scowls at them and hurries forward (he obviously hates Scott because Scott did not “bite” him) and (3) Danny, who purposely avoids eye-contact with Stiles and follows Jackson. (What was that about?)

Jackson carelessly asks Danny about his BF Tom (or Jack, or whatever), to which Danny replies he’s settled at some faraway Uni. but it’s over between them. Jackson wonders what he’s gonna do, now that the only other Gay in the serial is gone, but Danny is not that upset, says something to effect of “I’m trying to get over him, by sitting in my room with his photo and crying my eyes out” blah-blah-blah. At which point, Stiles catches his eye, silently communicating, “You really expect him to believe that?” but Danny glares at him, all “if you even think about breathing a word, I’ll rip you to shreds.” (Again, what is that about?)
Danny, the Lacrosse Goalie and Jackson's best friend
Then we see other random characters like Chem. teacher and Coach, who make appropriate remarks about “stuff”. Coach comments how much Jackson has improved in the last few months and Jackson, very humbly says, “Suck on that, McCall”, and Scott is worried. [Close-up, ‘Worried expression’]
"Suck on that, McCall"
After school, Allison drives Scott home (seriously, that guy should really think about getting a car). Allison’s all “I’m so horny, I’d take you right now” and Scott’s like “Okay.” They start making out, but are interrupted by Scott’s mom (really bad timing, mom. Didn’t anyone tell you NOT to knock when your son is making out in the car, with his GF?) So, Scott’s like “Gotta go. Meet me at the same spot where you tried to kill me yesterday, so you can try it again.” Allison wonders if Derek is gonna show up, today at least, because she really wants to take a shot at the Alpha, and so does her dad (and her mom, and two uncles, 6 brothers, 3 sisters and bunch of other random hunters who pop up, now and then). So Scott’s like “I haven’t seen him since he stopped coming to my house at night and tackling me in my bed, and slamming me into walls. God, I miss him. I wonder where he’s at. Also, his house is almost always empty, but has stopped looking like the Haunted Manor on a Hill, and has started looking prettier, day-by-day.”

Speaking of pretty, we see Derek butt naked (the most coveted butt shot in history of TV) having a bath. He comes out, in a towel (*drops dead*) - camera pans and we see a bed, dishevelled, and clothes lying around, and sheets and pillows clawed out, indicating a “very very wild” night - and starts dressing.
Derek Hale, dressing
Meanwhile, Stiles is in the hospital, visiting still comatose Lydia, miffed that Scott didn’t turn up, today also. He talks about how she’s been in coma for 6 months already and how the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong, because she’s obviously, completely healed by now. He tells her how much he likes [Close-up ‘Loves’] her and will be there whenever she wakes up, even if it’s 10 days or 10 years. [Cue “awwwwwwwwww”] Then he tells her he’s going out, but will be back soon. As soon as he’s gone, one of the monitors attached to Lydia starts beeping and her eyes pop open.
Comatose Lydia awakes

[It’s night now] In the school playground, an angry Jackson is hitting lacrosse balls into a tree. He’s pissed that Danny stood him up, for practice, for the umpteenth time this month. Right now, all I can say is I’m really glad I’m not that tree. So where is Danny? Could he be “trying to get over Tom (or Jack, or whatever)”?

Cue Danny, shirtless, wearing his trademark black track pants and freshly washed hair, looking for his shirt. Suddenly, a familiar voice comments about how he’d rather have him spend the night. Camera pans and we see (gasp!) Derek standing in the doorway, smiling (totally out of character) at him. Danny replies, that he’d love to stay but can’t, coz of school night and 11.00 pm curfew. Derek comes in and kisses him implying they’ve been “doing it” for quite some time, now. (What an Excellent way to get over your boyfriend, Danny!). But Danny doesn’t yield (stupid Danny). Besides, he has to meet Jackson for the practice.
Danny, shirtless getting dressed for practice
Speaking of practice, it’s over. The tree hath fallen, resistance was futile, and Jackson is sitting on his Porsche, drinking Red Bull (or any other energy drink) and crushing the empty cans. He’s probably finished about 20 cans already (whoa!), judging by the mound of crushed cans at the foot of his car. He’s blathering to himself about how good it was when Lydia was healthy. They would probably have been spending the night together.
Oh, he's pissed. Trust me!
In the hospital, Stiles in talking to a doctor about Lydia (because her parents wouldn’t be more bothered), when he sees Scott and Allison come in – full leather gear, on their way to training session. And Stiles is really glad they came [Close-up Stiles’ face]. He suggests they carry on ahead, while he finishes some formalities (again, where are her parents?). Scott offers to stay with Stiles. Allison proceeds alone to Lydia’s room (is it safe!?), pushes the door open, and screams. The camera pans to an empty bed. Lydia is gone‼

Hearing Allison, Stiles and Scott rush in, and see saline and tubes lying around, literally pulled out of Lydia’s body. The window near the bed is open. They rush to the window and look out, and we find that room is 4 to 5 storeys up. Stiles looks at Scott questioning, who returns the look expressionlessly [cue RPatz as Edward Cullen]. They wonder what’s gonna happen now, when Scott, suddenly, falls to his knees, covering his ears like the noise hurts them and then claws at the floor, struggling to stop himself from turning. Allison looks at Stiles with an expression that says “Shit! We are screwed

In the school ground, drunk on Power (drinks) Jackson is still sitting on his car when, sexed down Danny arrives (he drives a Bentley, who knew?) and Jackson’s like, “I hope you’re finally over your stupid, pathetic bf, who had the nerve to come for 10 seconds last season and then disappearing like that", and Danny’s like “Yes, I am." And how!

Suddenly a roar, rings out and Jackson falls on the ground, rolling around and fluttering, trying to get up (like Scott did when Peter blew him in the face, last season, in the gymnasium). Then, in slow process we are so familiar with, his eyes turn yellow, his face contorts, he grows fangs and facial hair (you know the drill) and he stands up, claws out, directly before Danny, who’s pale and white.
Jackson starts turning into a Werewolf
Jackson is about to jump Danny, when a figure tackles him to the ground. The figure is (any guesses?) Derek, of course!!
Knight in Shining armour to the Rescue!

Knight in Shining armour to the rescue! Yay‼ He tells Danny to get in his car and lock himself in. Danny does what he is told but his expression clearly says he has no idea what just happened. (Danny doesn’t know Jackson is a werewolf? Does he, at least, know Derek is a werewolf? Or that Derek is the werewolf, the Alpha?) We get the answer, as the next moment his expression turns from scared to shocking disbelief, as his boyfriend, Derek, turns into a weird creature (Alpha is horrible looking, remember? Not like Cutesy Betas) before his very eyes. The Alpha and the Beta have a glare off, ready to fight.
The Alpha

Back at the hospital, Scott is fully transformed, his struggle in vain. He stands up, facing Stiles and Allison, glaring menacingly at them, his claws out, ready to attack. 
Teen Wolf, Scott McCall



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